We did a 260' waterline replacement in Walton County today. This house had polybutylene from the meter to the house, and then had grey pb throughout the house.

We did phase one today in replacing the line from meter to house. Our team did all the covering up, while I did the mechanical work at the meter and the inside of the garage. Pictured, is the work I did in drilling out the slab to the outside under the ground. I pushed the black PE pipe up through the hole that was drilled and connected a new shutoff ball valve and pressure reducing valve. I then reconnected to the polybutylene manifold to complete phase one of the entire pb house replacement.

This problem started when the gentleman was sitting at his kitchen table a few nights ago, and then heard a loud water pressure sound inside his wall. I came and cut out the sheetrock to locate the problem. The 1/2" grey pb pipe going to his vanity had broken at the base of the concrete. After repairing this pb twice for him in the last month, he decided it was time to go ahead and "bite the bullet" and have all the pb replaced.

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