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Water service line replacements and repairs: One of our primary services since our beginning is replacing blue polybutylene pipe from the water meter to the service entrance at the house. We also replace older galvanized pipe (typically 25+ years), and occasionally PVC pipe and copper due to mature tree roots that have put stress on the water service pipe outside.

Whole house re-plumbs: Another one of our specialties is replacing faulty pipe inside the house. The main problem we find is the grey polybutylene pipe from the shutoff valve all the way to each plumbing fixture. So this involves much more work, including removing sheetrock. We normally replace the existing grey pb pipe with CPVC including new shutoff valves for each plumbing fixture. We also include sheetrock repair in our estimates.

Water heater replacements: We replace old water heaters (gas and electric) with top quality water heater brands such as: Rheem and Bradford White. We make sure the new water heater is installed according to code, which means there should be a thermal expansion tank installed on the cold water line going into the water heater. We also remove the old one and cleanup the area and check for any water and gas leaks before we are finished.

Tankless water heaters: It's alot of up front cost, but it pays to have the tankless water heater installed over time. You only use your gas when you turn on the hot water. When the hot water is not being used there is no gas being used, like the water heater tank, which constantly has a pilot light burning. We install outside and inside units with space saving benefits as well.

Sewer line replacements and repairs: The older homes have old cast iron or even terra cotte clay sewer pipes that eventually have to be replaced due to the breakdown of the pipe material. Many of our sewer pipe replacements and repairs are due to roots breaking through pipe joints or cracks in the pipe. We are licensed and insured to tackle the bigger jobs like sewer line replacements and repairs. No homeowner envies this job, so leave the dirty work to us. We'll make sure that your pipes flow unimpeded again.

Plumbing installations: No more 3.5 gallons per flush like the old days. Water conservation has led to toilets that flush 1.6 gallons and even 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Toilet installations are a very popular upgrade that homeowners are taking advantage of due to these newer regulations, and believe it or not, the minimal amount of water being used to flush is doing the job to the satisfaction of homeowners. We not only install toilets, but sinks, faucets, showers and tubs as well.

Garbage disposals: We install 1/3, 1/2 and 3/4 horsepower garbage disposals. We remove and haul off the old one, and make sure the new one is "purring" with no leaks before we close those cabinet doors to leave.

Pressure regulators: Otherwise known as "pressure reducing valves", this mechanism plays a very important role in your water pressure. Right after the waterline enters the house, and after the shut-off valve on that main line is the PRV. The purpose of it is to reduce the street pressure which is normally well over 120lbs of pressure, down to the standard factory set PSI which should be between 55 and 65 psi. This protects your plumbing fixtures, and keeps from having emergency "blow-outs".....and also gives you a much more pleasant shower. Many times when you hear humming, whistling or banging in the pipes, it's time to check the old PRV to see if it needs replacing. We are your plumbing company that handles this often over-looked problem.

Backflow preventers: These devices are located in the yard, normally connected right on to the water meter itself. The purpose of it is to keep the water that moved past that point from re-entering the main public water system. In short, it prevents backflow into the public water supply. This is a county requirement, so it is essential that every home has one attached to the main water service line. We https://destination-rx.com/buy-modafinil-rx are licensed to install these devices, and can give a courtesy call to inspect and advise if you are concerned that your plumbing system is not up to code.


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